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The 3-Step Marriage Fix

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Is your marriage in crisis? If it is, there are certainly a few things you do in the hope of saving it. This article will let you know just a few of the things you can do to make a positive difference. How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 1 Understand that happiness comes within. If you are one of those people that says "my partner doesn't make me happy", maybe you should consider for a moment why you thought they would? True happiness comes from within, and unless your partner is a true horror of humanity, a thoroughly unpleasant person, chances are the only reason you are unhappy is because of something inside yourself, some unfulfilled potential or hidden dream. How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 2 Unify your home. Talk over how you picture your home in your mind. It's important to agree on this, as if you both aspire to making the home a different way, it's going to cause long term conflict. The typical example is the man wanting his home to look like his home, with his things where he can get at them etc, and the woman wanting everything neatly filed away at all times like a show home. You need to compromise together, as it's not really fair for either of you to expect the other to live how you want them to. How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 3 Never compare your relationship to one from the past, or your partner to a past partner. This is never good. Firstly, no two relationships are alike. They can't be, as every couple has so many fine points of interaction, it would literally be impossible to replicate with a different person in the mix. It's like comparing your pet dog to a goldfish you used to have. Ridiculous. How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 4 Arrange some together time. It doesn't even need to be a particularly large amount of time, the point is that it should be just the two of you and no distractions. No TV, no company, just the two of you. This will help you retain a sense of how to interact with each other. How To Fix Your Marriage Crisis 5 Actively reminisce about past times. The good times you have shared can act like the glue that bonds you together, and it can be genuinely good fun to talk about the past and exciting things you have done together. Another plus point to this is that the more exciting and fun things you do with each other, the more stuff you will have to reminisce about. Bonus! As you've seen, having a marriage crisis doesn't necessarily mean you are going to have to divorce. These tips can help you through. Check out the links below for some of the best marriage advice around.